You're the dust in my eye

you're the rock in my shoe

Ashley Kerwin
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Date Created:09/20/04
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Hey I'm Ashley Kerwin. I attend Degrassi Community School. Having a blast there. I love to hang with my best girls ever Paige and Ellie. We are in a band with our other good friend Hazel. We are Hell Hath No Fury and we rock!
Strengths: good listener, talented, good singer, open-minded, independent, good friend, creative
Weaknesses: tend to hold a grudge, can get too emotional, chooses cute but bad boyfriends
Special Skills: singer, guitar player, piano player, song writing
Weapons: the power to badmouth you with my lyrics
favorites: classic rock, guitars, singing, song writing, Hell Hath No Fury, PMS, my friends, music, piano playing, movies

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